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Provincial regulations provide direction on the students who qualify for a transit pass rebate. All Grade 6-12 students who attend their designated community school for a Regular Program, reside more than 2.4 km from the school and are assigned to Calgary Transit will qualify for a rebate. The rebate will also be extended to any student attending an Alternative Program that is located in the same school as their designated Regular Program.

Learn more about student eligibility from Alberta Education.
The CBE calculates these distances according the School Act Section 51(4). We measure the distance from the edge of the student’s home property (or in the case of a housing complex the edge of the complex) to across the street from the school site.

This measurement is done by our route planning software. We do not use the estimations provided by Google Maps, odometers or other distance tracking devices.
No. The rebate is only for the cost of purchasing a Calgary Transit monthly pass. The CBE is not providing families who choose other forms of transportation with a rebate of their transportation costs.
Usage does not impact the rebate. The CBE will provide a rebate for all eligible students for each month a valid pass is submitted.
Provincial regulations provide direction on the students who qualify for a transit pass rebate. Students must attend their regular designated school and be over 2.4 km to claim the rebate. If a family has chosen a different school, the students is not eligible for a rebate.
We are unable to provide a rebate to families who choose to use transit when yellow school bus service is provided.


Rebates will depend on the purchase price of the pass. Families paying full price for a youth pass can receive $54.90/month to a maximum of $549.
Families who have been accepted into the City of Calgary Fair Entry Program will receive a rebate of the entire purchase price of the pass.
Families have the option of receiving their rebate by an email money transfer or a cheque can be mailed.
No. This is the rebate program from the 2018-19 school year. Any changes required by the new legislation would take effect for the next school year at the earliest.

Claiming a Rebate

Before registering families need to ensure they have the following information:
• The email or letter from the CBE confirming eligibility for the rebate,
• The primary email address on file at your school, and
• Your child’s postal code on file at your school.
Please contact your CBE school to update your demographic information. Please note, changes to demographic information will not be effective on the transit pass rebate portals until the third working day of the following month. Also, please ensure you subscribe to receive commercial emails with your new email address.
There are a number of places you can find your child’s student ID number:
• Check your child's most recent report card.
• Refer to your child's student ID card.
• Ask your child.
• Please visit your school in person to request the number.
It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to receive payment once the submission is complete. Any missing or incorrect submissions will delay the processing of payment.
Each monthly pass can be claimed once by one parent/legal guardian. Passes will be accepted the day after they expire (e.g. The February pass can be claimed beginning March 1). Families can choose to submit their passes monthly, in batches or all together at the end of the year before July 31, 2019.

Note | Payments by either email transfer or cheque will not be combined. If you submit three passes, you will receive three cheques or email transfers.
Yes. Families can claim all passes for the 2018-19 school year, starting with the September 2018 pass for students attending a traditional calendar school and starting with August 2018 for students attending a modified calendar school.
Two parents/legal guardians can create accounts and claim passes on behalf of your child. Each adult must use the primary postal code the school has on file for their child to create an account. The first adult to claim a pass each month will receive the rebate.
No. If creating separate accounts, each account must use a unique email address and it must be on file at the school.
Please contact for more information on how to claim the rebate without a Calgary Transit Pass.
Passes will be eligible for acceptance the day after they expire (e.g. The February pass can be claimed beginning March 1). Please note that it may take 1-3 business days to update the database to reflect this adjustment.
No. These are two separate online systems.
The resize will depend on the operating system you are using.

If you are on a Windows computer (Windows 7/8/10), follow these steps:
1) Locate the image you have and select it with a single click
2) At the top of the window, select 'Edit' and 'Properties'
3) Under 'Properties' select 'Resize'
4) From the list of predefined sizes select 1024x768 (or the closest option to it)
5) At the top select 'Edit' and 'Save'
The image will be saved in the same location and same name as the original one you opened.

If you are on an Apple computer (MacOS), follow these steps:
1) Locate the image you have and double-click the image to open it in the Preview application
2) At the top click on 'Tools' and 'Adjust Size'.
3) On the new box that will come up, go to the first drop-down called 'Fit Into' and select 1024x768
4) Finally, go to the top menu and click on 'File' then 'Save'. And that's it. The image will be in the same place and have the same name as the original one you opened.

You can now upload this image with your transit pass claim from your account.
Please follow these guidelines.

• Take a photo of the front and back of your monthly bus pass using your phone/mobile device.
• Using your phone/mobile device, click on the link to the Transit Rebate website provided in the email from CBE Transportation.
• The file size of your photos should be no larger than 3MB, and in one of the following file formats (.JPG .PNG .DOC .PDF).
• If you are unsure how to resize photos on your phone/mobile device, please do an internet search for instructions.

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